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Artboyz Palette

Random Flecks and Spatter

7 February 1966
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I'm a freelance artist living on the top floor of a loft high rise in downtown Atlanta. My focus is impressionist-oriented fine art, but I also dabble in caricature, murals, pin-up, comic book work and general graphic illustration. Trying to balance my need to pay the bills with my need to be creative.
acrylic paint, adam hughes, adult swim, alan moore, alton brown, andrew loomis, art, atlanta, ballroom dancing, barack obama, batman, beaches, body-for-life, bondage, boston legal, brian stelfreeze, bruce timm, caribbean islands, cartooning, charles dickens, coffee, comic books, comics, community theater, cooking, cully hamner, cyrano de bergerac, dancing with the stars, digital cameras, douglas adams, downtown atlanta, east coast swing, eureka, excercise, family guy, festivals, fetish, fletch, food network, foxtrot, george petty, gil elvgren, green lantern, gregory manchess, healthy recipes, heroes, honor, illustration, impressionism, ipods, isabelle allende, j.c. leyendecker, jazz piano, jim henson, johnny walker black, jon stewart, joseph campbell, justice league unlimited, kermit the frog, kevin smith, kung fu san soo, kurt vonnegut, lagavulin, latin dancing, life, life on mars, lofts, malcolm liepke, marlo meekins, martinis, masamune shirow, masuimi max, maxfield parrish, michael connelly, michael moore, models, movies, mp3s, muppets, museums, mystery novels, mystery writing, new avengers, nightwing, norman rockwell, painting, painting a day, penn and teller, penn jillette, photoshop, pilates, pin-up, planetary, poker, portraits, recipes, rhumba, robert b. parker, robert crais, robot chicken, s&m, sailing, salsa, science, scooters, scotch, sculpture, sex, shag, sopranos, south beach diet, star trek, star wars, steve silver, strangers in paradise, strip poker, swing, talisker, tequila, the devils panties, tiki, tropical vacations, ultimates, urban planning, venture brothers, vodka, waltz, weight training, west coast swing, women, working out, writing, yacht rock, yoga